The Dental Start Dental Administration Program is comprised of three concentrated Dental Admin courses designed to provide attendees with the foundational knowledge and skills to work effectively in a clinical and administrative setting.

Graduates of this program will be prepared to work with and assist members of a dental healthcare team to deliver the highest level of patient-centred oral healthcare.


The Dental Start Dental Administration Program provides focused, in-clinic practical training for a fraction of the price of traditional programs.

The program consists of three modules:

  1. Dental Start 101 – Dental Admin – Fundamentals
  2. Dental Start 201 – Dental Admin – Advanced
  3. Dental Start 301 – Dental Admin – Management

Each module can be taken independently or as part of a discounted package. Students who choose to register in the first two courses will receive a 10% package discount. A 15% discount will be applied to the third course, if you register for it at the same time.

In addition, we have customized advanced programs for existing Dental Administrators who are already working. Please contact us for more details at info@dentalstart.ca or call us at (888) 636-2798.


Complete Your Course Work in a Fraction of the Time

Most traditional dental administration programs are extremely long (anywhere from 30 -50 weeks), overpriced, and fail to provide students with the practical, hands-on training they need to be job ready upon graduation.

Many students choose not to enroll in these programs because they don’t want to invest the time and resources these traditional programs require – especially if they’re unsure whether they are suited to a career in dental administration.

These students are looking for shorter, relevant programs that will help them obtain job experience and become job ready in a short period of time.

Avoid Costly Tuition

The Dental Start Dental Administration Program provides focused, in-clinic practical training for a fraction of the price of traditional programs.

Take Advantage of Our Unique Career Advancement Opportunities

We are dedicated to your success and ensuring that you graduate with the skills to be successful. You’ll be trained by the top Canadian dental management instructor, who has developed a concentrated program based extensive industry knowledge and over 20 years of in-clinic experience.

What’s more, because we’re a clinic-based program, you’ll receive in-clinic practicum experience and gain the skills that are vital to succeeding in a real-world dental office environment – all for a fraction of the time and cost it takes to complete a traditional program.

Through condensed, targeted courses, and exposure to the administrative and clinical procedures of a real-world dental office, you’ll gain the practical skills you need to be an effective dental administrator, and gain invaluable insight into what a dental management position entails.

Learn from Qualified Instructors with Real-World Clinical Experience

Our head instructor has managed and worked with numerous dental offices across Canada, and has accumulated invaluable industry knowledge that will help you gain a competitive advantage over other applicants. She has trained many successful administrators and managers over the years, and some of her top students have become our program instructors.

All of our instructors have extensive experience working in a dental clinic, in either an administrative or managerial capacity. As such, they have first-hand knowledge of dental administration theory and practice, and a thorough understanding of the inner workings and flow of a dental office environment.

Our qualified instructors have the background and experience to teach not just the technical skills students will require, but the social skills necessary to succeed in a dental healthcare environment.

Enhance Your Job Prospects with Free Job Placement Assistance

Our goal is not only to train our students as qualified dental administrators, but to help them refine their job search skills and provide them with right guidance in the job searching process.

As such, we offer free job placement assistance to all of our graduates.

The job placement assistance component of our program is essential to helping our graduates find employment in the workforce, and we work hard to provide them with the resources and support they need to turn their passion into a life-long career.

Stand Out from a Field of Applicants

As a long-standing member of the Alberta dental community, we’ll use all of our connections, networking, and job search strategies to help you stand out from other applicants.

As part of our job placement assistance, we’ll help you:

  • determine the right type of office to apply to;
  • research available internships and temping opportunities;
  • prepare an outstanding resume and cover letter;
  • review interview tips and tricks; and
  • prepare for your interview.

We’ll be with you through every step of the job application process and beyond. Even after you find employment, we’ll provide post-graduate telephone and email support to ensure you have everything you need to succeed in your career.

Contact Us today to learn more about the job placement assistance component of our program. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!