The Dental Start Dental Administration program is a fast track, career-based program that prepares you to begin a career in dental administration in just one week.

Our program is taught in a real dental clinic in multiple cities. Our highly qualified instructors bring over 20 years of dental industry experience to the classroom. What’s more, because we are a dental office, you’ll receive valuable, in-clinic experience that will provide you with the real-world skills you need to be job ready on day one.

Improve Your Employment Prospects with Dental Placement Assistance.

Your success is our success, and we are here to support you in every way.

Dental Start works closely with a local dental placement agency that specializes in helping graduates find gainful employment in the dental industry.

Working in conjunction with the agency, we’ll help you locate job opportunities, write your resume, fill out job applications, prepare for interviews, and follow up with prospective employers.

The importance of networking can never be overstated, and we pride ourselves in our thorough understanding of this industry. Together with the placement agency, we’ll make sure you receive the guidance you need to market yourself effectively to find the right employment match.

Upon completing of the program, you will:

  • Benefit from hands-on training from renowned industry experts with extensive clinical experience
  • Obtain in-clinic, practicum experience in a real dental office
  • Be prepared to succeed and excel in any dental office environment
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Kick start your dental career

We Offer Industry-focused Courses With In-clinic, Practicum Training

Just One Week to Work in the Career of Your Dreams!
As one of Alberta’s few in-clinic dental administration programs, the Dental Start Dental Administration Program offers students a way to fast track their career through a highly concentrated program curriculum and in-clinic, practicum training.

Because we are a dental office, we specialize in dental clinic administration specifically. As such, we’re able to offer valuable clinic-based training geared toward providing students with strong foundational skills and a clear understanding of what a career in dental administration entails.

Upon completion, graduates of the Dental Start Dental Administration Program will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Competition.

Graduates of the program come away with useful, practical skills that can be applied in every dental office, including:

  • Scheduling dental appointments
  • Filing dental claims and billing
  • Working with dental patients
  • Using dental administration software
  • Using dental terminology
  • Collecting dental accounts receivable
  • Understanding the dental office flow

Highly Qualified Instructors With 20 + Years Of Industry Experience

Our instructors are respected industry experts with extensive, hands-on practice management experience. They are passionate about teaching and endeavor, always, to pass their love of the profession on to their students.

Fast-track Your Career With The Dental Start Dental Administration Program

Advantages of an Accelerated Program
Would you like to enroll in a program that:

  • is practical and affordable;
  • prepares you to immediately join the workforce in a little as one week;
  • is flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule;
  • provides in-class training as well as valuable in-clinic experience;
  • lets you learn from experienced industry professionals and make valuable industry connections; and
  • lets you enroll at any time and begin your new career at any stage of your life.

if you’re considering a career in the dental administration, but are unsure where to start, check out our fast-track dental administration program. In addition to providing you with superior training and clinical experience, we’ll help launch your dental career and provide the practical skills you need to excel!

For more information on our current course schedule, see our 2018 Course Schedule.